This is a Portuguese language site. Our priority at this moment, is the portuguese version, aimed to Brazilian natives.

The main reason for this page is the ".com" URL! Since English natives may access the site thru search engines, I felt they would appreciate being able to understand at least what the site is all about!

The subjects addressed in this site are related to the Behavioral Aspects of Interpersonal Communication. We offer courses and seminars about Business Presentations Skills, The Enneagram (see link below) as a personal and professional development tool and Interpersonal Communicaions Skills.

Since I've spent 4 years studying and working in the US, feel free to contact me about any of the areas above. If you can read Portuguese, click here return to the brazilian side of the site!

LINKS TO THE ENNEAGRAM:         Enneagram Institute  a great site to visit!


                                                            Frederico Port